Skid Rail Bearings

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  • Skid Rail Bearings - SG-726
Skid Rail Bearings
Model - SG-726
Size: 19mm (dia.) x 3 mm (Thickness), Axle: 6mm
Material: Carbon steel with heat treatment
Color: Silver
Suitable for Industrial Building Materials, Skid rail and etc.
Can be made as customer's design or provided samples
High quality and prompt delivery
According to buyer's requirement and market demands, we never stop developing new products. Whatever bearings you need, we will try our best to meet your expectation.
Origin: Taiwan
Main Export Markets :  Europe, USA, Asia
Payment Terms :  T/T , irrevocable L/C at sight
Delivery : 30~45 Days
Inquiry of  Hardware Bearings  from all over the world is welcome, if the model here is not suitable for you, please contact us with specification you need and we will get back to you soon
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